6 Feelings Kpop Fans In Malaysia Fully Understand


The Hallyu Wave has swept over Malaysia in the past few years and left many starstruck victims in its wake.

Being a K-pop fan in Malaysia isn’t an easy feat however and we are constantly faced with a lot of *feels*.

1. Jealous

Jealous of Korean fans for getting to interact with our favourite stars, jealous of the people who get to go for fanmeetings and events, jealous of fans who get to go on stage and be serenaded to—just jealous of everyone who gets to do what we can’t.


2. Sad

Sad because it is so difficult for us to see our stars and idols and that we might never get to.


3. Disappointed

Unfortunately, Malaysia isn’t one of the hotspots for K-pop stars to drop by. Concerts and events are usually held in our neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Singapore.


4. Angry

Angry when our biases get mistreated, angry when they don’t get enough airtime, angry when other people speak bad about our bias.


5. Helpless

Because we’re so far away, it doesn’t seem like we can do much to show our support and love to our K-pop idols.


6. Overwhelming joy

But when we do get that golden chance of meeting them or seeing them in concerts, the feeling of joy and excitement is beyond words.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.