6 Animals that lives very LONG that will blow your mind


There are many species in this world but they are not too special compared to the list of animals below when it comes to their life spend. Find out why.

1. Clams (Lives Up to 400 Years)



That’s right! They age at a very slow rate!

2. Turtles (Lives for Centuries)

turtles live for centuries


Usually turtles stop aging when they reach the teenage years, however, their shell continues to age. Amazing!

3. JellyFish specifically Turritopsis Nutricula (Lives Forever)

turritopsis nutrecula


Well, this is a small species of jellyfish and the amazing part about it which makes it live forever is that it can regenerate cells at all times!

4. Lobster (Lives Forever)



Lobsters don’t age and they keep on growing until they are killed and eaten by you folks.

5. Tardigrade (Lives Forever)



They are also known as “waterbear”. The best part about it is that it can survive in radiation, 10 years without food, and in pressure six times the deepest ocean. Another interesting fact about it, the “waterbear” is the first animal to survive in an open space!

6. Planarian Flatworm (Lives Forever)

planarian flatworms


They have the ability to regenerate cells and live indefinitely. 

Source: BuzzFeed