5 women that makes your own woman insecure and hates them!.


Jealousy is one green eye monster. It will destroy relationships. Here are 5 type of women that will make your own woman insecure. Take extra careful.

Here is a list of the 5 type of women to be aware:


1. Leggy Co-worker.


Of course your woman is worried. This Co-worker has access to your man from 9am – 5pm every weekday.

Solution: Guys,what you can do to reduce her stress is to introduce your woman to your colleagues. It may help.


2. College Cohort (Educational Group).


 Well, this girl has done almost everything with you during your college time (Except body contact, or maybe there is). She might be the girl that you may consider your best friend, and she knows you as good as your girlfriend, sometimes better. Of course your girlfriend will feel insecure.

Solution: Again, introduce this friend of yours to your girlfriend and reassure your girlfriend that this girl is just a friend or “like-a-sister”. 


3. Your mom.


Well, your girlfriend might feel insecure about herself, she always feels she needs to impress your mom.

Solution: Bring your girlfriend home more often, let the both of them get to know each other more and they will feel comfortable with each other.


4. The Facebook vixens.


Even though you have dutifully update your relationship status, she still feel insecure of all the online flirting you may receive. 

Solution: Don’t give your password, some privacy is still needed. Unless you really got nothing to hide, then by all means, it is the most effective way to calm her nerves.


5. The Gym lady.


Most of the time, young gym girls who are serious about exercising, they look hot!. Any normal young men who look at them and maybe start fantasizing even. Your girlfriend will definitely feel insecure if you start comparing her to the gym ladies.

Solution: Simple, bring her to the gym and workout together. There is so much benefit in workout together. “A couple that plays together stays together”. 

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