5 ways to possibly meet the love of your life.

love of my life

Ever wonder why you can’t find your love life? Well, there are endless possibility of why you can’t find your love life. However, here are some tips you may actually find your love of your life. 


1. Be bold and strike up a conversation.


Ever heard of “fall 7 times, get up 8 times”? or even “whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger?”. Yes, exactly. Install confidence when you talk to a stranger, every rejection you take will only makes you immune to the next rejection and thus builds up your confidence. You will also be able to practice some ice breaking techniques and be quicker on witty response. 


2. Join a club.


Well, not the club with loud musics, alcohol and moving lights. For example, a book club? Or a tree planting club? These kinds of organizations which is very sociable. You definitely don’t wan’t to meet your partner from a club (with loud musics, alcohol and moving lights), but in some cases it may be different. Anyway, participating in a book club or tree planting club will definitely expand your networking and you may also meet your mr/mrs Right.


3. Pretend you have been introduce. 


This will shift your mindset from trying to hunt for partners to only having a casual conversation which will also set her mindset to think that you are not just another guy trying to get into her pants, but probably trying to really get to know her. 


4. Get out of your office.


Yes, go to a nice restaurant or the cafeteria. Don’t be anti social and eat only in your own cubicle. Most nice ladies eat their lunch outside, go an mingle around. So much conversation topic during lunch time. 


5. Do not interrogate.


Finally you manage to chat up a woman, but please do not interrogate her. You guys just got to know each other, still somewhat a stranger to each other. Don’t make her feel evaluated. Try to engage rather than gathering information. Try this, “I’m the youngest in my family of five, how about you?”.



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