5 ways to double your salary in a couple of years.


Higher Salary? Who doesnt want it. Here is a tip on how to achieve that.

1. Improve your visibility.

“Managing your career is separate from doing your job” – Donald Asher, author of who gets promoted.


2. Find a new job.

Stuck at your current job for a year and you don’t see any future? No pay rise?
Then quit if you feel you are ready.


3. Become an Asset.

If possible, do relocate to international standards. Your salaries will be much higher by going overseas.
Moving out of your country if possible, will only bring you to greater heights. Move out of your comfort zone.


4. Keep your contacts.

Get as many contacts as possible, you may need them in the future. Having more connections in and out of your company is
only beneficial to you.


5.First pay.

Make sure you do your research of how much is the appropriate pay for someone of your position. Get the market rate,
and push to it. Make sure you get every cent from your company. Love your job, but not your company. Dont try to save
for your company you are working in.

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