5 Toughest marijuana laws around the world

1. Malaysia
Possession of marijuana in Malaysia can land you in jail for up to five years and it also carries a fine up to RM20,000 (around $6,500). If you are caught with over 50 grams, you will be sentence at least five years of prison and possible lashing at least ten strikes. Planting marijuana in Malaysia can land you in prison for life plus at least six lashings. In cases before, a man was jailed for a total of eight years for being founds with less than 58 grams of marijuana. On a another charge, a man was sentence to two years of imprisonment for having 12.65 grams of marijuana on him. The worst case scenario, getting caught dealing a lot of cannabis that can lead to the death sentence. 

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2. Japan
In Japan, being caught with a single joint can get you a five year prison sentence with some hard labor thrown to you. If it was your first time getting caught for smoking marijuana in Japan you will still get around a six month sentence. If you are a foreigner, you won’t be jailed but you will be deported from the country with no hopes of returning back to Japan
3. Philippines 
If you are first time offender caught smoking a joint you will be sent to rehab for at least six months. If you are caught the second time you will be jailed for between six to twelve years. Death penalty or life imprisonment is insured if you are caught growing weed. One man was jailed for 15 years after being caught with two joints of marijuana.


4. Indonesia
Getting caught with a single joint in Indonesia can lead to jail sentence up to four years. If you accidentally or purposefully import any marijuana to Indonesia, you can be jailed for five to 15 years. One of the most famous case in Indonesia which involved an Australian man named Schapelle Corby who ended up with 20 years in jail and he skipped a possible of death by firing squad. If you are sentence to 20 years in Indonesian prison, you should be considered lucky. 
5. United Arab Emirates
One of the toughest laws against marijuana around the world would be United Arab Emirates. If you are found with the tiniest trace of marijuana you can get a minimum sentence of four years. If there is trace of marijuana in your blood or urine, this can also be considered as possession. One man was jailed for four years becase he was found at the airport with a cigarette trodden into his shoe. The authorities found 0.003 grams of marijuana. It could have anyone’s tiny joint or maybe it was his last joint but it was safe to assume that it wasn’t evewn his. But in the eyes of UAE, it clearly doesn’t matter. 


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