5 things I learned about Malaysian

1. Barangan import > Barangan malaysia
– Vios > Preve
– Samsung/Apple > Ninetology
– Angus beef is sedap than lembu tempatan
2. Thinks their food is the best in the world
In reality our foods are greasy and salty, only sedap for the first try, if tiap-tiap hari you makan akan muak and jadi Fat Albert
3. We got different cultures here in Malaysia and every culture don’t understand each other 
I won’t say all Malaysian, but some of them only gaul with their own race, causing ignorance to other races culture.
– Even not among race, there is also different culture stereotype like:
– KL ppl must be lansi and tak bertimbang rasa
– Penang driver dunno how to drive
– JB ppl lalabeng and jilat Singapork
– English educated are more atas than mother tongue educated
– Work hard or become Proton driver
4. Criticize government for everything
– Everything gov do is bad and have songlap intention
– Sarcastic by inventing word ‘cukur’
5. Always saying mau keluar, “talk cock” only
– Say foreign countries this good that good but never keluar.
– Or keluar liao just awhile balik pulak said miss the food here

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