5 Reasons why Balloons may just be an amazing gift


1. Fun


Recipients of balloons will feel happy whilst receiving balloons. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts? Also, balloons nowadays are customizable, so recipients will feel more personal upon receiving them.

2. Different


Balloons have now become a gift replacing flowers, chocolates or even teddy bears. Over the years of people receiving gifts in the form of flowers and sweets, balloons has now taken over the gift giving world!

3. Easy


Giving balloons as a gift is so easy yet surprisingly wonderful. For last minute shoppers finding a gift for a friend or even a family member can now look into personalised balloons as a gift.

4. Versatility


When you think flowers, you think of a guy giving them to their loved ones or vice versa. When you think chocolates, you think of Valentines Day. When you think a basket of fruits, you think of house visits or visiting someone at the hospital.

Balloons can be that gift for that every occasion now. To wishing a friend Happy Birthday, congratulating them on their success, a cheer up message to even a lovely message to them.

5. Gender Stereotypes


Balloons can be given to anyone! Even to guys. It is often mistaken that gifts are mostly given to the female gender nowadays due to more feminine gifts around. It is rare to see a guy receiving flowers or chocolates on their birthdays or even for achieving something. But receiving a balloon is now trendy and not so feminine to be seen with!

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