5 of the best idea which helps to make our life easier. Thanks technology!


The revolution of technology is a great journey. It has gone both ways, either for terrible deeds or good deeds.

In this post, there are 5 technology revolution that is on the path to really help humans in their life.


1. Lock your house door through your phone.


Have you ever been in a situation where you left your house in such a hurry for a meeting outstation. Half way to the journey suddenly you couldn’t remember if you had lock the doors or not? Well, what do you do? Everyone would naturally call your neighbor to check on the doors. What if your neighbors are not in? Are you going to keep calling? Well, no need, we can now control our door lock through our smartphone. Just get a remote control dead bolt and click the icon from your phone to lock or unlock. It is available in lockitron.com for $295.


2. Virtual Shopping.


So you have no time to shop because you are too busy working, but grocery needs to be in the fridge. But there is a solution to this; Virtual Shopping. In South Korea, commuters can just snap photos of what they want, and place order through a free app and check out. The groceries are delivered to their doorstep by the end of the day. How convenient is that!?
Momentum is gathering for virtual supermarkets.


3. Can’t really walk? Got a weak leg? Get a robot leg to help you walk.


The title says it all. For those who have weak legs, such as our senior citizens which requires a walking stick or even a wheelchair. Things might be difficult. A simple solution, we let the robots to walk them to their desired destination. Honda has created this device to help people who can barely walk to be able to walk. The robot legs are adjusted to fit to your legs and it will follow your pace of walking.  It is not yet in the market yet. Stay tuned for more updates.!


4. Loud music on your earphone may damage your hearing overtime.


Some people like to take their music literally everywhere, but not disturbing anyone around. So they use a earphone, but earphone can damage your hearing. So, if you don’t want to damage your hearing you lower your volume, then you won’t be able to hear everything. To fix that, Asius Technologies have come up witha soft plastic membrane called the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL). It looks like an ordinary earphone, but they do absorb the trapped sound waves which also makes the music sound much clearer but at a lower volume. Check it our at asiustechnologies.com.


5. Useful tool for artist.


Doodlers, which is also an artist i believe. Doodlers will know that inspiration to doodle will just come and go easily, if you are unlucky it could come during a train ride. Once you got home, it is all gone. What a waste. Well, don’t worry now. Wacom has created a device which allow you do scribble on a single piece of paper and then automatically downloading your drawings onto a computer. It is call Inkling. The inkling sensor will be clip onto your sheet which will track the location and pressure of the pen to re-create the image you scribble. Just connect the Inkling to your computer via USB and download your creations. It is available for $199 at wacom.com.

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