5 Hardest Courses to Study in Malaysia

5. Accountancy 


Accountants are known for accuracy and integrity when it comes to calculating and handling digits. Studying Accountancy in a Malaysian Institution is very hard as they have a high standard of programme features, curriculum and award requirements.
4. Law

law in malaysia

It may just seems is like all you do in this course is write essays but obtaining a degree in Law in Malaysia is difficult unless you are motivated and put all your concentrations to it. However, this is exceptionally big “unless”. Putting all concentration to it involves doing quite a lot of massive reading day in day out. It becomes unbearably tough when you have to cite several cases to back up your answers in exams.
3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering 


Majoring on electrical and electronics engineering in Malaysia takes a lot of hard work. It encompasses statistics, dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer. You still have to take a lot of math and physics courses, and also  electrical engineering courses which are more conceptual and they aren’t easy courses in all honesty.
If you prior knowledge in mathematics and programming logic, you won’t be suffering too much. There’s no easy engineering major generally, but electrical and electronics engineering imposes a substantial cognitive loads on you.
2. Actuarial and Financial Mathematics


Actuarial science is ranked the second toughest course one can take on in Malaysia. Actuarial science tends to prepare students for the employment of mathematics to financial management.  You will be trained in a broad range of mathematical techniques and problem solving strategies including courses in Accounting, Economics, and Finance.
1. Medicine 


Studying Medicine usually comes hand in hand with studying surgery operations. This course can be extremely tough in Malaysia owing to the fact that its MBBS has different phases every semester. A student must pass all the examination required in every phase before proceeding to another phase of another level/year.
More so, MBBS exams are usually complex. Intensive study is needed and most times students substitute their social life for studies. Medical students are always put under pressure because their job entails human lives, one tiny mistake and a soul is gone. The studies can be scaring at times when students get to work with carcass, blood, and wounded people. It takes courage to study Medicine and Surgery in Malaysia.

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