5 Different days to take off from work.


There are a few days in a year which is most necessary to take leave. To be specific, there are 5 different days.

1. The day after your boss return from his vacation.


When your boss return from a long holiday, he will have piles of work on his desk. And he doesn’t want to do it.
He will definitely push it to his employee. So if you are on leave, that means he can’t target you.


2. Your wedding anniversary.

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If your partner really value this day (Everyone should), then just take leave. Both of you should spend time together
on this special day. It will save a lot of hassle – running around in lunch hour to get prepare for the special dinner.
And you only have one hour lunch break.
You should enjoy this day.


3. Your children birthday.

It is pretty much the same as the anniversary. Plan something big for your kid, maintain a good realtionship with your childrens.
This will keep the family close together. Spend the day with your children.


4. The day you want to buy a new car.

We (FunnyMalaysia) prefer to buy cars, either on a tuesday or wednesday. You can have the salesman all to yourself. Try to
target the end of the year or starting of the year. You can even struck a good bargain for the best price.


5. Overslept.

Well, whenever you overslept it definitely means you are too stress or too tired. Going to work, and you wont be as productive as you used to be,
this might even get the boss to scold you, and that will definitely ruin your day. Just call in sick and chill for the rest of the day.

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