5 benefits for beating your wood!?


This post is specifically for the boys.

Busting the myth of playing with your own tool once and for all:

Here are 5 benefits :


1. Mood Booster.


Yes. this activity lifts your mood up high. This activity will release a feel good chemical known as dopamine and oxytocin which will definitely lift your mood.


2. Immunity Booster.


Doing it often will increase your immunity strength by increasing the level of the hormone cortisol. It helps to regulate your immunity.


3. Cancer fighter.


There has been studies done, stating that, men who do it at least 5 times a week, will reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer.


4. Makes your wood harder.

dating a girl and woman

We will lose our muscle tone over time, and to maintain our muscle, we need to workout. Doing this regularly will prevent erectile dysfunction.


5. Last longer in bed.

Man showing thumbs up as woman kisses

It’s like a practice session before the real thing happens. 



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