4 ways to improve your jobs responsibilities.

Creation of new business. Different concept

So, how do we advance in our own career?

Here are some tips that may be useful for you:


1. Request for a raise or a promotion.


Before requesting make sure your upper management knows what is your contribution to the company and make sure it is worth it. Do not just sit there and wait for opportunity.


2. Distinguish yourself.


Be unique, be creative, try to figure out a way to solve a problem. Every employer loves an employee that wants to get things done more efficiently and effectively.


3. Rearrange your schedule.


If you prefer to work from home, make sure you are efficient and gets the job done, *unless you are required to be in the office*.
If you feel you can work more efficient by working certain days at home, then prove to your boss and show him.


4. Take a walk during lunch.

Walk Park

Take a 10-minute brisk walk. This will evidently boost your energy for the second half of the day, which will prompt you to work more efficient.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!.

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