4 Types of Malaysian Chinese Girls

Image Source: littleguykitchen.wordpress.com

1. The Devout Girl

Image Source: upandadrift.com
Image Source: upandadrift.com
  • Devoted Christian English-speaking with very little knowledge about Chinese language
  • Strong interests in musical instruments
  • Likely to be skilled in playing musical instruments (motivated by communion reasons)
  • Listen only to English music (mainstream or indie)
  • Loves travelling. Has strong desire to travel around the world especially to European countries
  • Likes coffee
  • Sensitive to political news
  • Relatively earlier marriage (mid 20s)
  • Slightly more lavish when it comes to food
  • Frequent customers of mid to high end restaurants
  • Will have or seek an equally religious partner
  • Extrovert and like meeting new people
  • Caring
  • Generally more optimistic about life
  • Conservative values

2. The Chinese Girl

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  • Apathetic to religion. Or Buddhist
  • Speaks mainly Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Likes hanging out at shopping complexes with friends for shopping therapy. (Mid Valley, Times Square, Sg. Wang) Shopping centres are the 2nd home
  • Love karaoke Inspired by Taiwanese and Korean fashion – eg. floral prints, bright colour, high pants Major fan of Taiwanese and Korean TV series/shows/music Listen mainly to Chinese or Korean music
  • Likes sweet Taiwanese styled dessert – (Snowflake, Chatime, Gongcha,)
  • Camwhoring/Instagraming
  • Long and straighten hair (dyed/highlighted)
  • Spends time on making up and pampering themselves
  • Either extreme like or extreme dislike for alcohol
  • For those who like alcohol, will typically hang out at places like Scott’s Garden or Puchong IOI Boulevard with friends

3. The Homely Girl


  • Stays at home most of the time with straightforward and simple lifestyle
  • Family-oriented person
  • Spend most of the time watching TV
  • Likely to have watched most of the popular western TV series like HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls. Also Korean or TVB dramas depending on her preference
  • Doesn’t focus much on her looks and fashion
  • Extremely simple fashion taste
  • Not motivated to make-up
  • Other hobbies could include reading, cooking, musical instruments and possibly gaming
  • Hangouts with the same several BFFs she got to know many years ago
  • Tight group
  • Likes going for meals in restaurants or trips for girls-only bonding/chatting session among BFFs
  • Deeply attached to the father
  • Shy
  • Hardworking
  • Find it hard to get a partner

4. The Cool Girl


  • English speaking Atheist/Agnostic or Christian
  • Very good fashion sense
  • Easily bored
  • Crave for frequent outdoor activities
  • Extrovert
  • Likely to have a special talent – Drawing, crafts, dancing, singing, designing, musical instruments
  • Likes photography and artsy stuffs (Urbanscapes Festival goer)
  • Polarized in music preference – Either listen to mainstream music or a big fan of indie/alternative music
  • Goes to gym, jogging and exercise frequently
  • Likes partying
  • Long and beautiful wavy hair
  • Open and liberal values
  • More active on Twitter than other social media platform

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