24 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Pee


1. On average, a person pees seven times a day. If one pees more frequently or lesser than that, it is not something to really worry about. 

2. An average healthy person’s peeing lasts for about 7 seconds. If one feels the urgent need to pee and the peeing lasts for only 2 seconds or so, one might be suffering from an infection. google-street-view-pee-toes

3. The bladder of an adult can from 300 to 500 ml of urine – enough to fill anywhere between 7 and 11 shot glasses.


4. The colour of your pee is indicative of your health. If it is clear then you are well hydrated, maybe even more than necessary; if it is pale yellow then you are hydrated enough; if dark yellow then less hydrated; If it is brown then it could be a serious liver infection; if red or pink then there is fresh blood in your urine. 


5. The Romans gargled using their pee. The explanation is that urine contains ammonia which whitens teeth (which, if you ask me is not good enough). 

6. The body only retains the essential products, the unwanted by-products leave the body as urine and stool. 

7. If you have a vagina, that is not where you pee from. The urethra is a distinct tube from the vagina. That said, if you have a penis… that is where you pee from.


8. If your pee has a sweet smell then it might be indicative of diabetes.

9. But if one’s pee has a foul smell then it indicates that the kidneys are probably spilling glucose or protein into the urine.

10. Your pee contains 3,000 components including sodium, potassium and chloride.


11. Consumption of eatables such as tuna, spicy food and coffee can change the odour of your pee. (even Petai)


12. Urine was used to create gunpowder, because of its nitrogen quotient. In fact, the method that utilised pee was used for about a hundred years. 

13. Bear Grylls is an expert survivor, who is also famous for drinking his pee.


14. Unlike what a lot of people might believe, if one is lost in the wilderness with no water in hand, it is not advisable to drink one’s urine because it contains a high amount of salt and that accelerates dehydration. 

15. Parauresis or pee shyness is a condition that renders a person unable to pee if there are people nearby. 


16. If you emerge from a public pool smelling like ‘chlorine’ then it probably means that it is the smell of chloramine mixed with human pee. The stronger the ‘chlorine’ stench, the dirtier the pool. 


17. Stress Urinary Incontinence – when you leak pee when you laugh, sneeze or exercise. “I laughed so hard, I peed” is a very valid expression. 

18. Unlike popular belief, it does not help if one urinates on a jellyfish sting. A moment of silence for all those who have been peed upon. 


19. There is something called ‘morning pee’, which is highly acidic. The body secretes acids while sleeping, which leaves the body as waste during the morning pee. And as the day progresses the pee becomes gradually more basic


20. The pee stream of women is wider than men’s. 

21. Unlike what a lot of people believe, the first time a baby pees is not after its birth but when it is in the womb. It starts peeing into the amniotic fluid. 

22. You should definitely pee after sex, especially if you have a vagina. There’s natural bacteria in the vagina that, during sex, can get pushed into the urethra toward the bladder and cause infection. Peeing flushes that out. And although women are more likely to deal with the awfulness of UTIs, it’s smart for guys to pee after sex, too.


23. Don’t worry about peeing during orgasm.Your body makes it pretty hard to do. Unless you’re dealing with regular incontinence, the bladder neck closes during orgasm for both men and women. For men, that means semen can’t flow back into the bladder and cause any issues.

For women, it’s reassurance that you can ignore that tell-tale “I need to pee!” feeling when you’re close to orgasm, because it could just be a result of all that amazing stimulation. Unless you haven’t gone for hours and it feels really urgent, feel free to go with the flow—of pleasure, that is.

24. During the World War 1, Canadian soldiers soaked up socks or handkerchiefs in their own urine and tied them around their faces, as gas masks. The ammonia in urine neutralised the chlorine and the water dissolved it, enabling the soldiers to breathe.

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