2013 Nokia Models And Price List in Malaysia

nokia price list malaysia

After a close call of getting themselves in a black hole, the Finland mobile giant has finally recovered and all thanks their brilliant new devices which brought them back in the game.

Here are all the latest Nokia mobile phones released in 2013 and price information in Malaysia. Information are based on retail prices only.

ModelsMarket Price
Asha 302RM330
Asha 311RM330
Lumia 920RM1549 *New Price*
Asha 501RM300
Asha 300RM300
Asha 303RM330
Asha 306RM305
Asha 309RM329
Lumia 520RM585
Lumia 610RM510
Lumia 620RM730
Lumia 710RM575
Lumia 720RM985
Lumia 800RM790
Lumia 820RM1225
Lumia 900RM1115
Nokia 100RM119
Nokia 1280RM104
Asha 305RM280
Lumia 510RM545
Nokia 301RM289
Asha 210RM239
Lumia 925RM1599