2013 MSI GTX780 to be on sale in Malaysia this September, Price and Details

2013 msi gtx 780 lightning malaysia

Gamers! All your life has lead to this point right here. The one and only and also probably the most powerful machine that gives you a very satisfying performance during gaming hours. We introduce you the all new Lightning!

Of course, when it comes to something worth it and powerful, it does not come cheap. 

MSI GTX 780 Lightning Price in Msia

ModelMarket Price
MSI GTX 780 LightningRM2999

 When is this going to be on sale?

This graphic card is expected to be in Msian shores by the end of September. Gamers out there, you guys need to start digging out your piggy bank as it’s going to be one hell of an experience.

lightning graphic cards by msi

The specifications is not revealed yet as for now but as you notice in the pictures, it’s not an ordinary graphic card. It comes with not double BUT triple blade setup. However, do stay tuned with FM as we will get our hands “dirty” just to update you guys.