20 Ways To Know You’re A Malaysian Born in the 90s


1. You know what Beyblades is all about


2. Friendster, MySpace and MSN Messenger was your life


3. Speaking about MSN Messenger, you learnt how to flirt by signing in and out…Because they had to notice you eventually

msn messenger

4. This moment from the Pokemon TV show was heart breaking

pokemon gif

5. In other words, Pokemon took over your entire life


6. You wanted a Furby so badly


7. There was a time when your entire school had these round their wrist

livestrong band

8. You either loved or hated the Jonas Brothers

jonas brothers

9. You wanted this badly as well


10. Art Attack inspired you to draw and do creative things with things

art attack best

11. Everything can be settled with One Two Juice or Rock Paper Scissors 

one two juice

12. You would listen to the radio all day long just to record your favourite songs of all time on a tape


13. Getting the original walkman or discman was one of the best days of your life


14. Tamagotchi and Digimon saved you from dying of boredom 


15. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not was too awesome to not watch

ripley's believe it or not

16. You predicted your future by playing MASH


17. It was worth it getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons


18. You remember someone in your family renting VCR tapes 

vhs tapes


jumanji was real-compressed

20. And lastly, you know that everyone in your age rolled around on these for about a year


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