20 Tips Every Malaysian Pokemon Go Trainers Should Know To Be The Very Best

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1. Catching Pikachu as Your First Pokémon 

image via comicbook.com
image via comicbook.com

If you don’t want to settle with a Bulbasaur, Charmander or a Squirtle as your start, you can actually get Pikachu as your first Pokemon. (this only works if you have not caught any other Pokémon yet)

To do this, when any of the other Pokémons appear, don’t catch them and just walk away. Do this 3 or 4 times and by the 5th time, Pikachu will appear for a visit. With the AR off, tap on Pikachu and catch it.


2. Pokestops (Hotspots in Klang Valley) 

hot stops

Depending on where you live, the difficulty of finding Pokémon and PokeStops varies. Cities yield an assortment of Pokémon and PokeStops, while more suburban or rural areas contain lesser. To better find Pokémon and PokeStops, travel to locations where there are community parks, art, landmarks, and buildings.

Hot stops 2

So if you are staying in Puchong, you are going to get shit Pokémons. Try travelling to Subang Jaya (SS15), Publika, KLCC area, Bangsar, LRT stations, Malls (Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley and 1Utama), Jaya One, TTDI and Jalan Tar

3. Pokestop refresh often

Image via unpauseasia.com
Image via unpauseasia.com

You need to always have a bag full of balls before going on a good hunt. But don’t worry, as long you are in those hotspots we have mentioned in point 2, you are good to go.  If you happen to be in areas filled with Pokestops, stick around and replenish your supplies.

Interact with it every 5 minutes to 15 mins, it will return back to blue where you can once again stock up on your supplies. (purple means you have already interacted with it).

4. Throw your Poke Balls the right way (curve balls!!!!!)

Here is how you do it: 

When a Pokémon pops up on the screen, instead of tossing a Pokéball out at it, hold down on the ball and spin it around.


It should start spinning with some flashes of gold around it. Aim and toss. If done correctly when you capture a Pokémon, you’ll get an extra 10 xp points.

It’s easy to get the windup going, but the delivery’s not so easy. It will take some practice and you don’t always get experience points rewarded to you for nailing it.

5. Turn off AR Mode when catching Pokémons


Although the game’s AR play is one of the most talked-about feature, it’s better to turn it off when you’re serious about hunting more Pokémons quickly, especially when you wish to increase your levels. Plus, you get to save your battery life

6. Transfer your duplicate/low CP Pokémon to get a Candy


There is a max amount of Pokémons you can carry with you (250 Pokémon) and you will have alot of the same Pokémon that you are not going to use in any circumstances.

What you should do us that you should transfer your duplicate Pokémon with a lower CP and you will get a Candy whenever you do this.

So if you see all those Rattatas or Pidgeys, just don’t ignore them. Catch them all and collect their candies as well as Stardust in order to power up your other Pokémons.

7. What does those Rustling Leaves mean in Pokémon Go


If you are wondering what are those leaves rustling about in Pokémon Go whenever you are on your hunt, you should keep walking in that direction as there is a higher chance that there’s a Pokemon. Most of the time there will be Pokémon but not always.

8. Lure Modules only works at PokeStops ( How To Create A PokeStop Farming Spot)

lure modules

Pokémon GO Lure Modules only works at PokeStops and once you use it, it is available for everyone. So if you want to see people flocking to a PokeStop at your area, try using a lure module. It benefits everyone. This lure module helps to attract Pokemon to you and everyone else in the area.

A flurry of pink surfaces around PokeStops where Lure Modules have been used.

how it works

If you are feeling selfish then you can use Incense. Incense will work anywhere and it will only be working for you and not everyone else.

9. How do I get Higher CP Pokemon? (Rewards based on levels… Levels is so Important!!)


CP, or Combat Points, is a measure of how strong your Pokémon will be in battle against another Pokémon, and is actually a combination of several hidden stats. Each Pokémon in Pokémon Go has a set of Base Stats for Attack, Defence, and Stamina, along with a hidden Level and a hidden modifier for those Base Stats, known as a Pokémon’s IVs.

Here are some of the major reasons players should try and Level Up:

– Higher Level Trainers can capture higher CP Pokémon more easily.
– When a player Levels Up, the max CP potential of captured Pokémon will increase.Powering Up a Pokemon will get it closer to filling its CP meter.
– Leveling Up will offer rewards such as Great Balls and even Ultra Balls. Continue Leveling Up to earn even greater rewards.

10. Do not evolve your Pokemon just yet.

Like we mention in the above point, if you catch a low level CP Pokemon and Evolve it, it wont be as strong as you think.  If you notice the half circle bar above your Pokémon when you open its main menu, that is its level bar and the closer it is to the end, the best time that is to evolve it as you will be able to get higher CP if you do so.

low CP evolution
low CP evolution

Be patient and maybe start evolving your Pokemons once you have reached LvL 11 for your character. Get a higher CP basic to pokemon to evolve.

11. How To Evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon

hi evee

So if you want to evolve your Eevee you only have to rename it. There are three different names that you can choose to evolve your Eevee.

  • To upgrade to Flareon, you should rename your Eevee to “Pyro.”
  •  Rename it to “Sparky, to evolve into a Jolteon.
  • To evolve into a Vaporeon, rename Eevee into “Rainer.

If you want to evolve Eevee without any trick then feed 25 Eevee candy to your Eevee. After that it’ll turn to one of the above three types at random.

12. Get items and XP for defending a GYM (Get free PokeCoins)

Once you’ve reached level 5, you will able to battle with other players in Pokemon Gyms around the area. You will get to choose from 3 different fraction (more like 3 colour teams – red, blue and yellow) to work together to take over the other fraction’s gym.

damn man

When you store your Pokemon in a gym, you will actually be rewarded free PokeCoins and Stardust. Free PokeCoins what??????. Yes free PokeCoins and you can access them by checking your shop tab and click on the shield icon to access your Defender Bonus. You should check every 20 hours to receive more depending on how many Pokemon you have in the Gym along with their CP.

For each Pokémon you put in a Gym, you can redeem 10 coins per Pokémon so if you want more PokéCoins, place more Pokémon  that have high CP.

You can earn also XP for defeating or defending a gym. This will also help you level up faster in order to get better CP pokemons.

13. Why are there different types of Pokeballs

what are this

There are four different types of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go. These types include the standard Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball. Each Pokeball resides in a different Tier. The higher the Tier, the more powerful the Pokeball.

(Tier 1) Pokeball
The most basic of Pokeballs. The standard Pokeball is the easiest to acquire and cheapest to purchase. Standard Pokeballs are most effective at capturing common Pokemon.

(Tier 2) Great Ball

The Great Ball is slightly more difficult to obtain and more expensive to purchase when compared to the standard Pokeball. However, the Great Ball is more effective at capturing wild Pokémon than the Pokeball.

(Tier 3) Ultra Ball

The Ultra Ball is the second most powerful Pokeball in Pokémon Go. It is more expensive and more difficult to acquire than the Pokeball and Great Ball. However, the Ultra Ball is much more effective at capturing wild Pokemon than the lower Tiered Pokeballs.

(Tier 4) Master Ball

The Master Ball is the most powerful Pokeball in Pokémon Go. Although the Master Ball is the rarest and most expensive Pokeball, it can effectively be used to capture any wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is in a player’s best interest to save his or her Master Balls for encounters with extremely Rare Pokemon such as Mew or Mewtwo.

14. How to hatch an egg (the fastest way possible)

fastest way

Travel the distance specified on the egg. If your egg is a 5km egg, you will need to travel 5km to hatch it. So, get walking, jogging, skateboarding, or cycling! After you have travelled this distance, you will see a screen that says “Oh?” and your Pokémon will hatch!

  • You must travel the distance specified with the app open.
  • You cannot incubate your egg while traveling faster than 20mph.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings while traveling with the app open.
  • The longer the distance required, the rarer the Pokémon.

Note: Make sure to walk in a straight line because the game checks in and measures your travel distance periodically by looking at your displacement from the previous check point. So walking around the same block over and over won’t net you very much distance because you’re never that far from the last check point.

15. Only use incense when finding a rare Pokémon

damn yo

If you are the type that would not pay for any micro transactions and you want to play Pokemon Go without using any money, you will then need to save on incense.

Incense is a very effective way to catch rare Pokemons around your area. Once you have found that location, you can use your Incense and if done correctly, you should be able to see rarer Pokémon spawn. There have been people who had the luck of finding Abras, Ponytas, Charmanders and even Blastoise show up.

16. Want to catch Pokémons quickly? Trying Playing it in Parks (esp KLCC park)


For whatever reason, Pokémon seem to love spawning in parking lots — especially if they’re near PokéStops. Why we suggest you KLCC park? You can also get water based Pokémon since they have a small lake there.

17. What are Razz berries and when to use them?


If you’ve found a rare Pokémon (or one with an incredibly-high CP) in the wild, your standard-issue Poké Balls may not work to contain them — or worse, send them running. Instead, once you hit level 6, you can use Razz Berries (and later on, Great and Ultra Balls) to improve your chances of containing wild creatures.

Razz Berries, after being administered, lull the Pokémon somewhat — even if you miss a throw, you’ll have an increased chance of catching the Pokémon until you hit them. If you do catch them with an off-throw and they escape, however, you’ll need to feed them another Razz Berry.

18. When evolving creatures, choose the higher-level creatures

feed him

When power boosting your Pokémon, you’ll see a level ring around their portrait: The amount filled in the ring indicates their level in comparison to your own max level (the far right side of the ring). If they’re close to your level to begin with, the result will be a much-higher evolved creature.

19. Dodge at the start of each battle when you are facing an opponent in a GYM battle. 


If you swipe left or right to dodge at the beginning of a battle, you’ll often give yourself an extra attack or two before your opponent can catch up. This is especially true for smaller, quicker types like Eevees, whose quick burst attacks and dodges can take down a big creature before they can react.

20. Hunt in Pairs


When Pokémon appear, they appear for everyone and can be caught by every person in your area. As such, hunting in pairs (or even groups) is encouraged: Not only is it fun to banter with friends while wandering your neighborhood for Pokémon, but you can also cover more ground as you try to figure out just where that three-footstep Dratini might be hiding.

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