20 Famous Celebrities Then and Now


1. Taylor Swift


2. Avril  Lavigne 

2-Avril-Lavigne 3. Drew Barrymore

3-Drew-Barrymore 4. Megan Fox

4-Megan-Fox 5. Beyonce Knowles

5-Beyonce-Knowles6. J.Lo


7. George Clooney 

7-George-Clooney 8. Victoria Beckham 

8-Victoria-Beckham 9. Charlize Theron


10. Lil – John

10-Lil-John 11. Rashida Jones

11-Rashida-Jones 12. Reese Witherspoon

12-Reese-Witherspoon 13. Ryan Seacrest 

13-Ryan-Seacrest 14. Marilyn Manson 

14-Mariyln-Manson 15. Sandra Bullock

15-Sandra-Bullock 16. Sarah Jessica Parker

16-Sarah-Jessica-Parker 17. Matthew Lewis

17-Matthew-Lewis 18. Zac Efron

18-Zac-Efron 19. Mariah Carey 

19-Mariah-Carey 20. Ben Affleck


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