20 English Movies That Sounds Ridiculous When Converted to Bahasa Malaysia


Movies are one part of your life that you will never regret. But have you tried converting English movie names into any language that you know? It makes sense, however, it’s god damn funny. Be entertained!

1. The Dark Knight – Satria Gelap

why so serious


2. Lord of The Rings – Tuan Cincin

3. Star Wars – Peperangan Bintang

4. Back to the Future – Kembali Ke Masa Depan

5. Escape Plan – Rancangan Melarikan Diri

escape plan

6. Toy Story – Cerita Mainan

7. Raging Bull – Lembu Mengamuk

8. Die Hard – Mati Keras

9. Star Trek – Perjalanan Bintang

10. Iron Man – Lelaki Besi

iron man lelaki besi

11. The Hunger Games – Permainan Kelaparan

12. Monsters, Inc – Raksasa, Sdn Bhd

13. Spiderman – Lelaki Labah-Labah

14. Transformers – Pengubah

15. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Mendung Dengan Peluang Bebola Daging

cloudy with the chance of meatball

16. Fast and Furious – Cepat dan Marah

17. Mr. Beans Holiday – Cuti Encik Kacang

18. The Little Mermaid – Duyung Kecil

19. The Notebook – Buku Nota

20. The Expendables – Pembuang

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