20 Cars which was considered dangerous on the road.

chevrolet corvetter

Here we have a list of 20 cars which are considered dangerous on the road. Why?

*The list is not in any order*

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20. The Chevrolet Corvair.

Why is it dangerous? It is consider dangerous because of it faulty parts which eventually start hurting people. Hurting people inside the car. It somehow pumps dangerous fumes into the cabin.

 chevrolet Corvair


19. Chevrolet Vega.

It literally breaks apart on rough terrain. Yes, break apart, like its just glue holding the parts together.



18. Pontiac Fiero.

Fiero, sounds like fire. Yes, the name fits its characteristic. It is known to finish its oil without warning and then it catch fire. The car burns!

1984 Pontiac Fiero 


17. Smart for two.

Looks great for little girls. But on one condition, please don’t go over 40mph. Above that speed, the car will lose control and spins 360 degree or more.



16. Yugo GV.

The engine will destroy itself over time. Yes, it hates itself and as time passes, little by little it destroy itself.

 Yugo GV


15. Audi 5000.

Audi now is so popular and is consider an exclusive car. But long time ago, it came out with Audi 5000. It is responsible for so many problem. It has so many engine problem and the most famous is, it is known to suddenly jolt forward quickly, which results in rear ending another car in front.



14. Nissan Versa.

It’s so cheap. But you get what you pay for. The car does not have power windows, lacks in ABS, stability control and mass to protect its passenger in case of accident.



13.  Geely CK1.

It’s made in china. Enough said? Well, it is rated Zero in Ancap, which mean it is poor in every aspect.



12. Nissan Titan.

This truck also has a high death rate. It is also known for various engine problem. Maybe that’s the cause of accident?.



11. Kia Rio.

Yes, it’s new!. A new car. Release not long ago, if i am not mistaken. But this car, is not safe at all. It has multiple occupant death already. The safety features is just terrible.

kia rio 


10. Mazda Miata MX-5.

This car has a high death rate from 1999-2002. It is a popular car. It has been calculated that, 80 death per million of these cars.

mazda mx5 


9. Kia Spectra.

Another car that is missing a lot of safety features. It is prone to loss control and it has no ABS.



8. Subaru Legacy.

This car is known to have steering problem which will lead to a fatal accident. It has been call back before.

subaru legacy 


7. Mitsubishi Galant.

Again another car with no safety. It has poor design and a poor safety rating.



6. Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Again, same as Galant, poor safety features. Well, it is no surprise as it has the same concept from the Galant.



5. Ford Pinto.

It has design problem. Big problem.  It has claim the lives of 27 people by explosion. Yes, explosion. This is due to the placing of the fuel tank. Banging it from behind is a bad idea.



4. Ford Ranger.

Nothing much about this car, just that it has such a high death rate within three years.

Ford Ranger Max at Thailand International Motor Expo 


3. Hyundai Elantra.

Again, another car without safety features. It has poor brakes and traction. Enough said.

hyundai elantra 


2. Chevrolet Corvette.

What a beast! It’s a beauty. Unfortunately, this beast kill more people than any other cars. It’s too powerful to be handle by man kind?

chevrolet corvetter 

1. Suzuki Samurais.

They are the samurais, when they fail, samurais are known to kill themselves. Well, the suzuki samurai are known for rollover accidents anytime.




So what do you guys think about proton now? Pretty good huh?

Suprima S, 5 star rating by ANCAP. That’s an international Standard oh.

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