2 Million Xbox One Sold in Just 18 Days

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TWO MILLION is a huge number of sales to achieve, especially when it comes to a slightly overpriced gaming console. Microsoft manage to hit the number in just 18 days!

Although this gaming console by Microsoft came in slightly later compared to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One still manage to hit an outstanding number. According to Microsoft, 1 Million of the Xbox One were sold on the first day of launching itself and the rest happened in 17 days time.

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However, they din’t manage to beat Sony PlayStation 4 sales. Based on sources, a whopping 2.1 Million units of PS4 were sold on day 1 itself.

Everything is good for now but the question that kept on wondering in our (Malaysian) minds are, when will this console hit our market and how much is it going to cost us? Currently it is priced at US$499,99 in the US which is equivalent to RM1613.

FunnyMalaysia.NET’s guess would be between RM1800 – RM2000.