19 Common Brands/Products that you come across in your house in Malaysia

milo malaysia

1. Milo, Boh (Tea)/Lipton Tea, Nescafe

2. Maggi Curry, Soup or Tomyam

maggi curry letup

3. Colgate/Darlie and of course the free toothbrush that comes with it

4. Ridsect, Shieldtox, Baygon – Do you know that the dengue fever cases have increased by 250% in Malaysia this year?

5. Philips Light Bulb

6. Gillette (for the guys), Schick (for the ladies)

7. It’s actually supposed to be called bleach. But whatever bleach that we see, we call it Clorox

clorox and bleach

8. Gula Prai – (Don’t tell me you don’t have this in your house)

gula prai malaysia

9. Panadol – We got fever, we swallow this. We got flu, we swallow this. We got headache, we swallow this. It’s basically a magical pill

10. Gardenia/Massimo

11. Ribena/Sunquick

12. Astro decoder

13. Minyak Cap Kapak/Vicks

14. Ayam Brand

ayam brand

15. Premier tissue

16. Baba’s/Alagappa’s – For most Indians, we are pretty sure you have seen this in your house

17. Maggi Chili Sauce or the famous Kimball

18. Hup Seng Cream Crackers – The problem with this is that, there are no cream! LIES!

hupseng cream crackers

19 FlyingMan Macis Keselamatan

flyingman macis

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