17 Struggles Only Girls With Big Thighs Understand


The struggle is real.

1. Thigh-High Apparel Won’t Fit

They always look so good and sexy on the models but thigh high boots and socks fit… until they get to your thighs. Unless you don’t mind cutting off your blood circulation.


2. Darker Areas On Your Inner Thighs

Your inner thighs get darker in colour after so much friction over the years.


3. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks grow whether it’s on your inner thighs or outer thighs.


4. Being Flabby and Flappy

When you run down the stairs in a dress or a skirt, or just run in general, you can feel and hear your thighs flapping away.


5. Coloured Bottoms Don’t Usually Work

Wearing colourful bottoms can make your thighs look even larger than usual.


6. Sweat

It’s gross to talk about, but as long as the temperatures are warm, your inner thighs sweat.

7. No Thigh Gap

You’ll probably never get the thigh gap, which is NOT a bad thing, but you’ll never know what it feels like to NOT have your thighs rub against each other.


8. Bigger Than the Rest

When you sit down next to literally anyone and both of their thighs are smaller than one of yours. Worse when it’s a guy!


9. Finding the Right Bottoms

Either your waist is going to be too big or your thighs will be too tight. It takes forever to find decent bottoms.


10. Chafing

Chafing literally, the worst thing ever. When it gets hot out, and your thighs constantly rub against each other, major chafing occurs.


11. Cellulite

Cellulite loves big thighs. And every so often, there are twigs who call the cellulite disgusting and make you feel incredibly insecure about it.


12. Being Sexualized

Especially since having big hips is the in thing now.


13. Wearing Shorts Are A Hassle

Just walking or sitting down will make these suckers ride up all day.


14. Chairs Are Your Worst Enemy

Sitting down makes your thighs look even bigger.


15. Mini-Skirts Look Even Shorter

They didn’t look so short when you bought them.


16. Not Fitting Into Boyfriend’s Sweats

All girls have a thing about wearing their man’s clothes to bed, but some girls need to be careful when it comes to squeezing into those sweats. Guys just have naturally slimmer hips and thighs than girls.


17. Jogging Is A Nightmare

No matter what you do when jogging, your shorts will always ride up and be uncomfortable.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.