17 popular Manglish expressions we Malaysians know

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1. Relak lah!


(Malay-English for Relax) Expression used to ask someone to chill, cool it. – ”Relax lah bro”

2. You think, I thought, who confirm?

Army expression used during organisational foul ups. Generally used as a response to “I thought…” when something goes wrong.

3. Your grandfather’s place/road ah?, Your father own this place/road? 


Used to cut someone down to size in terms of their obnoxious boorish behaviour, behaving as if they owned the place.

4. Why you so liddat ar?

(English – Why are you so “like that”?) ‘an appeal made to someone who is being unreasonable.’

5. Boss

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A word used to describe either the workers or the customers at a Mamak Stall (yes it works both ways)

6. On lah!/On!/Set!

“It’s on!”; expression used to voice enthusiastic agreement or confirmation (of an arranged meeting, event etc.)

7. Issit/Izzit?


Lazy/bastardised form of “is it?” Used in various contexts, to question in both positive and negative forms, or as a response in a rhetorical quizzical manner. Eg: You going home now issit? Eg: You not going home issit? Eg: Someone comments: “You look good today.” Answer: “Issit??”

8. Blur like sotong

Literally blur like a squid. To be extremely clueless. Squids squirt ink as a self-defence mechanism to get away. The ink makes it hard to see, thus “blur”. – “Wah! You damn blur leh! Liddat also dunno!”

9. Stone

to space out; to do nothing or literally stoning (hisap ganja). ” Eh bro why you look so stone?”

10. Open

to turn on a light – “I open the light.” (Derived from Chinese, which uses the verb “to open” in this manner. Use of “open” to mean “turn on” is limited specifically to lamps or lights.)

11. Follow

to come along/accompany – “Can I follow?”

12. Potong stim 


Basically, potong stim (Potong Steam) means something/someone that kills the mood a.k.a killjoy a.k.a your friend Alan that doesn’t like chocolate. But potong stim carries a more boy-related definition – ‘‘Bro, you damn Potong Stim lah. Might as well you stay at home tonight.”

13. Tok kok 


(talk cock) – Probably from the English “cock and bull story”. Talking senselessly/rubbish; “Don’t tok kok lah!”

14. Where got

This phrase is directly translated from the Malay words “mana ada” and the Chinese words “哪里有” (na li you).

15. On The Way


Okay, so this isn’t exactly a Malaysian slang word, but to Malaysians, it doesn’t mean “in the course of a journey”. Nope, to us it means “I’m still getting ready” or “I just got out of my house”. Expect that person to arrive in another half hour’s time (minimum) if he/she is a Malaysian.

16. ..then you know!

Expression used at the back of a sentence to emphasise consequence of not heeding advice. ‘Tell you not to park double yellow line, kena summon then you know!’

17. Got problem is it?

An aggressive, instigatory challenge. Or an expression of annoyance when someone is disturbed. ‘Do you have a problem?’ – ‘Eh bro you got problem is it?’

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