17 Facts About SMK Convent, Ipoh

main convent ipoh

1. Our school was built in 1907, one of the oldest schools in Ipoh

main conventssss

2. The school was once closed for 3 years and 8 months during the Japanese Occupation

3. We’re commonly known as SMC

4. Our examination hall was once dormitory

5. There’s actually an orphanage in our school compound

6. There’s also some secret tunnel in Main Convent but we’re not allowed to enter

7. We are proud of two things. One is the fact that Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh is from our school and two is our front block which performs a dramatic facade

michelle yeoh

8. There are five halls in the school and they are called the upper hall, upper upper hall, lower hall, primary hall and as well as an orphanage hall

9. Main Convent began as a co-ed school until 1912 as the amount of student increases and the boys were moved to St. Michael’s Institution, and this is why we’re brother and sister school

Now, lets talk about us girls

10. We are all choral speakers when it comes to cheering during assembly

11. “Girls please keep quiet”, “Prefects please handle the girls”, “Prefects please conduct a basic checking on the girls”, “Girls hurry up the recess is over please return to your class now”

12. Make a U-Turn when you see the principal is coming from the front

13. We always cheer and laugh whenever a male teacher gives a speech

14. Clapping when the announcement for “kelas terkotor” is made is something what we do

15. Some of us actually cry on Sports Day because our house/’unit beruniform’ lost in the marching competition

16. All the yell from various ‘badan unit beruniform’ are just awesome!

17. And finally, ‘kacang putih’ is our all time favourite and Ipoh Parade is like our second home

ipoh parade

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