17 Cheap Hostels and Hotels in Tokyo

1. Oak Hotel 


Oak Hotel is, without a shadow of a doubt, a terrific choice for those who are on the lookout for budget hotels in Tokyo. Not only are their accommodations easy on the wallet, but it also has spacious and cozy rooms packed with all the niceties you need to make your stay a cozy and blissful one.
Price range: 40 to 50 USD – (RM140 to RM180) a night
2. Sakura Hotel Hatagaya


With its sleek interior design, and convenient location, it’s no wonder travel blogs and websites often tag Sakura Hotel Hatagaya as one of the top budget hotels in Tokyo. Nestled perfectly on Shibuya, this cozy and affordable hotel is just a few kilometers away from the Hatagaya Station. What’s more, each room in this hotel is equipped with a plethora of amenities, including a television, air conditioner, private bathroom and a free access to the internet.
Price range: 50 to 72 USD – (RM180 to RM260) a night
3. Palace Japan Hotel


Established in 2012, Palace Japan is a relatively new hotel that has become a backpacker’s favorite, thanks to its affordable rates and comfortable rooms. Of course, the hotel also has all the necessary extras like a complimentary Wi-Fi access, to make your stay a pleasant and soothing one.
Price range: 40 to 50 USD – (RM140 to RM180) a night
4. Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro


A convenient location, bilingual staff and decent features make Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro a favorite among travelers who are looking for a warm comfy bed for the night. One of the most popular budget hotels in Tokyo, this auberge has a shared kitchen as well as a 24/7 café that offers over 50 different kinds of beers.
Price range: 20 to 85 USD – (RM70 to RM310) a night
5. Tokyo Green Hotel Korakuen


Tokyo Green Hotel Korakuen is a cost-effective choice for travelers who want to stay in the center of this buzzing metropolis. After all, the hotel is located wonderfully a few minutes away from the Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Station. As for the accommodations, the rooms are spacious as well as supremely comfy and clean. To top it all off, the hotel dazzles with its warm and friendly services, serving its guests with a heartwarming smile.
Price range:  65 to 75 USD – (RM230 to RM270) a night
6. Tokyu Stay Shibuya
Tokyu Stay Shibuya has a cluster of spacious air-conditioned rooms that come with complimentary internet access as well as kitchenettes with stovetops and refrigerators.
Price range: 68 to 164 USD – (RM240 to RMRM600) a night

7. Sakura Hotel Jimbocho


With rates that are as low as 21 USD, the Sakura Hotel Jimbocho rightfully deserves a spot in our list of the best budget hostels and hotels in Tokyo.  Located right at the heart of Tokyo, Sakura Hotel Jimbocho lures frugal travelers who want to get convenient access to all the best spots and tourist attractions in the area.
As a matter of fact, it is just a walk away from the Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace, Nippon Budokan and Tokyo Dome. As for the hotel’s feel, Sakura Hotel Jimbocho has a rather friendly setting, making it an ideal place to stay for families as well as young and enthusiastic backpackers.
Price range: 21 to 55 USD – (RM75 to RM200) a night
8. Sunroute Plaza


Sunroute Plaza, with its cheerful vibe, central location and cheap price, is truly one of the best budget-friendly hotels in Tokyo.
Price range: 80 to 100 USD – (RM290 to RM360) a night
9. Hotel Asia Center of Japan


Clean, serene and intimate, Hotel Asia Center of Japan is definitely a fabulous solution for frugal travel junkies who are hunting for budget-friendly hostels and hotels in Tokyo. While Hotel Asia Center of Japan is classified as a budget hotel, you will feel like royalty in this Japanese haven. As with most of hotels and hostels in this list, Hotel Asia Center of Japan also has a fantastic location.
Price range: 80 USD – (RM300) a night
10. Economy Hotel Hoteiya


For a very affordable price, Economy Hotel Hoteiya offers reasonably clean room with fresh linens, a mini-fridge, complimentary Wi-Fi, television, and a whole lot more.
Price range: 25 USD – (RM90) a night
11. Capsule and Sauna Century Shibuya


For less than 30 USD, the Capsule and Sauna Century Shibuya lets you stay in a tight yet comfy sleep capsule. As an added bonus, staying here gives you access to a decent sauna and hot tub. Not bad, right? But like most capsule hotels in Tokyo, the Capsule and Sauna Century Shibuya is only open to men.
Price range: 22 USD – (RM80) a night
12. Seaside Inn Omori


Just a one-minute walk away from the Keikyu Omori Kaigan Train Station, the lovely Seaside Inn offers a handful compact and comfortable sleeping capsules each equipped with a television and air-conditioning.
Price range: 22 to 33 USD (RM80 to RM120) a night
13. Capsule Hotel and Sauna Ikebukuro Plaza


With Capsule Hotel and Sauna Ikebukuro Plaza, you’re just a few minutes away from the Sunshine City Shopping Mall, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.
Price range: 25 USD – (RM90) a night
14. Khaosan World Asakusa Hostel

tokyo hotels-compressed

Khaosan World Asakusa Hostel is arguably the finest and most popular hostel in all of Tokyo. Colorful, clean, bright and modern, this wallet-friendly hostel will delight its guests with its lovely design, affordability and youthful vibe. Plus, it has a host of options to offer to budget-conscious travelers, including dorm, family and private rooms.
Price range: 20 to 107 USD – (RM70 to RM400) a night
15. Khaosan Tokyo Original


Awarded as “Tokyo’s most popular hostel in 2012 by Hostelworld”, Khaosan Tokyo Original is known for its top-notch service, clean space, comfortable rooms, and ridiculously cheap price.
Price range: 25 to 42 USD – (RM90 to RM150) a night
16. Guest House Shinagawa-shuku


The Guest House Shinagawa-shuku is just a short walk from one of the main transport hubs in Tokyo, but this guesthouse or hostel is set an area with a distinct old-world feel.
Price range: 60 to 90 USD – (RM220 to RM320) a night
17. Anne Hostel Tokyo


Besides its incredible location, Anne Hostel Tokyo also has an ultra friendly staff and tidy rooms with Zen-like interior décor.
Price range: 22 USD – (RM80) a night
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