16 Year Old Boy In Kedah Threatens Woman With Knife For Approval Of ISIS


A 16 year old boy who is believed to be brainwashed by the twisted ideology of the IS held a woman at knife-point at a supermarket here in Sungai Petani, Kedah. 

The woman, known as Liang who is working in the supermarket as a sales-clerk, was arranging some CDs on the shelf when the teenage boy came up to her and pointed a gun at her.

According to The Star Online, the sales clerk saw that there was a sticker on the gun, immediately deduced that the gun was merely a toy, and pushed it aside.

“I saw that there was a sticker on it and knew that it was a toy gun, so I pushed it aside,” said the 27-year-old.

However, he responded by whipping out a knife.

The daily reports that Liang thought the 16-year-old was drunk or high on drugs and decided to go on a rampage.

She said she had noticed him standing near the store where she worked at, but paid no attention to him, thinking he was waiting for a friend.

“My booth is right at the entrance of the supermarket and he told me to sit down after pulling out the knife.

“I asked him what he wanted. He didn’t reply but after a short while he told me to call the police,” she told The Star.

Liang said that when the police arrived, the 16 year old did not resist arrest.

“He did as he was told and handed over his bag when the policemen asked for it,” she said.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the teenager, who was clad in an ISIS attire, was arrested merely minutes later at 8.30pm on Monday.

tan sri khalid isis issue-compressed

“He is being detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma).

“Investigations revealed that he was influenced by the IS movement through social media and wanted to prove that he was capable of such acts by threatening the woman,” Khalid told a press conference at Bukit Aman on Tuesday.

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