16 Things every Malaysian should know before losing virginity

virgin malaysia
1. Losing your virginity is not just because the penis is in the vagina


According to sex expert Kristen Mar, Ph.D., losing your virgin card might involve penetration, or it might involve anal sex, manual stimulation, dildos or whatever.
2. Not every vagina bleeds lah the first time you have sex
We know you Malaysians go like “Eh bro bro bro bro, your girlfriend got blood come out ah the first time?”
3. There is no way to tell a girl whether she is a virgin or not
Again, different people have different amounts of hymenal tissue, and some are thinner, worn away, or filled with fewer blood vessels than others. Plus, that tissue can tear from a variety of things, like physical activity, masturbation, fingering, etc., says Herbenick. So think twice lah before you call a girl NOT virgin..
4. It does not hurt the first time 
Yeah yeah a little pain or pressure will be there BUT it should still be overall pleasurable.
5. Please lah..Don’t straight masuk bilik and romen. Foreplay is important.
Research shows that the more sexual behaviours you engage in, the easier it is for both men and women to orgasm during a hookup.
6. Lubricant is also important bro

time for lubricant

Trust us. A little extra slickness will help everything feel smoother and more pleasurable.
7. Having an orgasm is not what you have to focus on
It can take some people years before they figure out how to orgasm with another person, so don’t expect it to happen right off the bat. Seriously bro, use the time to find out what your partner likes and does not (It’s more fun rather than wasting time to find a solution on this whole orgasm thing).
8. If you are a woman, you won’t have an orgasm the first time around
Based on research, women are just less likely to orgasm during sex than men. So….Good news boys!
9. But if both of you are comfortable physically  and emotionally, than orgasm is more likely to happen to both of you

being a ceo-compressed

Once again we are stressing on this issue guys..Don’t straight masuk bilik and romen. Get to know your partner.
10. Oh! Did we mention that if you have a kukubird, you might EXPLODE really really quick
It’s your first time inside a vagina, mouth or anus, so many exciting things going on bro. So it’s normal.
11. Guys..If your “bendera tak boleh naik”, its okay! Shit happens
This could happen to anyone with a penis (regardless of your age). But most importantly this is not a permanent thing.
12. Sadly, you can get pregnant the first time you have sex
We know lah, without condom very good. But use a god damn condom lah! You don’t want to have a 1 year old son when you are 18 right? And it’s not all about pregnancy protection, its also about STDs.
13. P*rn is p*rn..You don’t go and copy everything you do in p*rn lah when the first time you have sex


It takes a while to figure out how to do that in a way that feels good.
14. Love yourself before you love somebody else 
So what we suggest is to practise masturbating. Before you Malaysians go like “EWWWWWWWWW”…you need to know what you like and what makes you come before you experience the real thing. Its better.
15. When you have a bad experience losing your virginity, it doesn’t mean that the rest of your sex life will be bad
Because you know lah..Things work out differently with different people. And remember, you are the master of your sexual fantasy! 😉
16. Everyone is as nervous as you 

it was good

You naked, your “bini” or your “abang” also naked…It’s a whole new thing. So, relax, breathe and go slow…Take it easy Malaysians and we certainly assure you that you will have a “hakuna matata” time.

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