16 Rare Photos From The Home Of World’s Richest Man

Image Source: forbes.com

The moneyed American’s home is estimated to cost a whooping RM643 million, the highest on record for an American residence.

The Living Room

living room

living room2

The first thing that comes to almost everybody’s mind when they see titles as ‘have a sneak peak into the house of the richest man in the world’ is a home packed with modern technology and the latest gadgets. Well, as expected the billionaire’s home has its own fair share of modern technology!

Dust Room

dust room

Just off the porch, there is a room called the dust room which looks like one of the messiest rooms in any home. But this dust room stands out in the rule.



Inside Gates home, there is a huge aquarium that has a living-room fashion setting. The aquarium provides breathtaking views of remarkable and rare marine animals. It’s not just fish and water, the aquarium houses such species as dolphins, whales, sea creatures and sharks.

Glass Walls

glass walls

Glass walls clearly go well for many rooms here given the awe-inspiring views of Lake Washington and Seattle. This area provides a moat-like water feature and intimate blue lighting inset into a stone ceiling. The inside features simple slate floors and numerous light to lite up the space. Gates sure knows what a true relaxing home entails.



Master Bedroom and Bathroom



The use of glass and blue lighting appears to be the customary features in the whole of the Gates’ home. Like other parts of the house, the bedroom and bathroom feature blue lightening too.

Swimming Pool

swimming pool

The pool is clean and cool. It is completely transparent, pure, and filled with  unpolluted water. The pool is surrounded by brilliant stunning wood decking and furniture/décor is beautifully simple to bring more emphasis on the views of Lake Washington and the city of Seattle beyond it.



The sinks pictured here can be found in the billionaire’s master bathroom.

Roof Top Seating



I personally think this spot is the best of all parts of the billionaire’s home. This area hidden in the corner offers views from the top floor of the house. In this place, a traditional covered patio opens to a blue-infinity pool lighted up by blue lights and providing extremely beautiful views of Lake Washington and Seattle.

Part Of The Kitchen


This spacious area is designed simply and it features a full-glass wall that provides landscaped views. It also has natural wooden floors, a refrigerator, a wine holder as well as a bar area on each side of the center isle.

Reception Hall


Here is the reception hall in the billionaire’s mansion. It was built mostly below ground, under the estate’s hillside. The hall can cater to 200 guests for cocktail parties. The space features an entire wall made of high-definition video screens, a full restaurant-grade kitchen sits just off the hall to make food and drink available during parties. The banquet hall itself is more than 2,300 square feet. Also, the house has a 2,500 sq. ft. gym, a 1,000 sq. ft. dining room, and a large private library with a dome roof and an oculus. Driveways and walkways on the estate are also heated as well as all floors in the mansion itself.

Roof Top Seating 2

roof top seating 2

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