16 Photos that shows how different Malaysia and India Are

malaysia vs india-compressed

1. Growing up in Malaysia:

growing up in malaysia

Growing up in India:

growing up in india-compressed

2. Police in Malaysia:

police in malaysia

Police in India:

police in india

3. Dating in Malaysia:

Image Credit: asiandatingsingles.com
Image Credit: asiandatingsingles.com

Dating in India:

dating in india

4. Parenting in Malaysia:

Image Credit: makchic.com
Image Credit: makchic.com

Parenting in India:

india parenting

5. Birthdays in Malaysia:

birthday kl-compressed

Birthdays in India:

india birthday-compressed

6. Grooming in Malaysia:

grooming malaysia-compressed

Grooming in India:

grooming in india

7. Schools in Malaysia:

schools in malaysia-compressed
Image Credit: schooladvisor.my

Schools in India:

schools in india

8. Advertising in Malaysia:


Advertising in India:

blow with confidence

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