16 Bad words that all Malaysians understand and what it means

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1. Haram jadah – Haram simply means  forbidden or proscribed by Islamic law. We have no idea what the word “jadah” means but based on sources, the word jadah means “yang teramat haram”. 
But the whole idea of using the swear word “Haram Jadah” is to basically tell you that you are a “Son of a Bitch”.
e.g. – Ko ni haram jadah lah! Means “You son of a bitch!”
2. Celaka – A malay word that primarily means unlucky, unfortunate, disaster. can be seen as an obscene word or an insult, like “damn you”
e.g. – Celaka you!
3. Butoh – Simply means dick/cock/penis
e.g. – Sial! Kepala butoh aku ada nanah. Means “Damn! There is pus on my dick head.
4. Cipap – Malay word for female genitals
e.g. – Ko ni cipap lah! Means “You pussy!”
5. Pantat – It means ass
e.g. – Ko ni lubang pantat betul lah! Means “You are such an asshole!”
6. Pukimak – It means ‘mother’s cunt’. Often directed to another person (pukimak kau!), and sometimes used as a general expression of anger (pukimak!!!!)
e.g. – While jogging, Hilmi’s ass got bitten by a dog. He screamed, “Pukimak!!!!!”
7. Konek – Malay word for penis
e.g. – Harris suka main konek. Means “Harris loves playing with his penis”


8. Ma hai – It means mother’s vagina/c**t
e.g. – Mahai ! i missed that fucking shot !!!
9. Ci bai – Common in Malaysian/Singaporean Cantonese. Equivalent to English ‘c**t’ (vagina)
e.g. – I will not work with that “Cibai” anymore
10. Chow hai – In the Chinese language, it means smelly vagina/c**t
e.g. – Hey bro, that chick I went down on last night had some chow hai
11. Diu – A cantonese word for f**k. Commonly used inconjunction with explicit, specific and graphic descriptions of the object that is being f**ked
e.g. – Diu man this shit sucks
12. Lanjiao – A Hokkien vulgar term which means “Penis”. Usually used by Malaysians, Singaporeans and Bruneians. Lanjiao can also be called kukujiao, kuku, jiaojiao, xiaodidi or didi
e.g. – “You don’t talk lanjiao there ah, I call my gang beat you up ah!”


13. Pundek – Malaysian Indian/Indian word for vagina
e.g. – Poda pundek! Means “Go to hell you pussy!”
14. Sunni – This is a tamil word for penis 
e.g. – Podaaa sunni! Means “Go to hell you dick!”
15. Panni – Is a Malayalam word meaning a Pig
e.g. – Poda panni!! Means “Go to hell you pig!”
16. Kunji – Kunji is an external part of a male’s body which is used for urinating and in sexual activity
e.g. – Avan kunji rombe sinnedhe which means his penis is very small

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