15 Types of Dota 2 Players

Dota 2 Players

1. The Pinoys

Pinoy is an informal demonym referring to the Filipino people in the Philippines and overseas Filipinos around the world. For some reasons, if you ask every other Dota 2 players, they all have one enemy in common, the pinoys. These bunch of people are the most annoying gamers you will ever find in Dota 2. Not to be racist or anything but ask any other Dota 2 players and they will share a hell load of stories about these type of Dota 2 players ruining the game.

2. The guy that wasn’t suppose to go mid lane

There are two variations of this type. The first type of guy that calls to solo mid is usually a pro. Usually in the team the guy who solos mid usually determines the game at the end. The second type of guy who calls to solo mid, talks alot about how good is he in solo-ing mid then feeds and lose the mid lane. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily determine whether he will win or lose the lane, but it does give you some doubts during the early game, since he’s either there without enough talent, or he’s there without wanting to be.

3. The Troll


These are the most annoying type of Dota 2 players as they can ruin a good match in an instant. The picture above will give an example of a troll and you Dota 2 players will  understand it. Hint: Ezalor

4. Carry Pickers 

These type of players will only know how to pick a carry hero under any circumstances, even though your team has already got 2 or more carries. The famous carry picker’s hero is Phantom Assassin.

5. The Mic Abuser/Mic DJ

These people are the reason why the mute button was invented. These people are sometimes just annoying by accident. Sometimes they are unaware that the mic is too close to their mouth and nose and you can hear every single breath that they take. Some of them like screwing other players in the game. The most annoying mic abuser and my favourite one of all is the mic dj. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR SHITTY MUSIC.

6. The AFK (Away From Keyboard)


While you’re working your butt off trying to secure victory for your team, these guys are munching on chips and cutting their nails and glancing at the screen every so often. These people don’t really care and just play Dota because they have nothing else to do. You’ll notice them sitting in the fountain for around 10 minutes while they go take a dump. Luckily these people are a dying breed since Banlists and ivory poaching is making them extinct.

7. The Commend me Guy

Commends are marks of positive feedback that players can give to each other. They can be given on the Endgame screen after a match or by accesing theScoreboard during a match, to players on either side. Commends are recorded in the player’s profile. Usually the winning team, there will be one guy shouting, Commend me noobs and usually doesn’t get any commends. Nice try.

8. The Noob


Even the most experience Dota player can’t claim that they weren’t a noob at some point. Dota is an incredibly diverse game to the point where it’s nearly overwhelming. A noob can be easily spotted in a team. Most of the time, the victim usually draws first blood. Some buys wrong item for the hero he/she’s using. Or they might just buy a whole inventory load of Iron Branches. They might also walk around the map with no purpose or strategy and just spam their abilities when they manage to unlock it.

9. Rage quitters 

Rage quitters are usually the players who quit the game after he/she feeds badly. In some cases, players actually quit the game as soon as a first blood occurs.

10. The guy who everyone assumes to be Pinoy

moment of silence

In Dota 2, you will see alot of players pointing fingers and there’s always a guy who’s at the receiving end of that. These type of people are usually alone and gets ganged by several people in the game. The idea here is that you did something wrong so therefore, you are Pinoy. End of story. Pinoys have bad reputation in Dota 2 but not all Pinoys are the same (maybe a very small number isn’t).

11. The Malaysians and Singaporeans 

It’s very easy to spot Malaysians and Singaporeans in game. Usually this kind person keeps on adding ”le” and ”la” to everything he/she says in chat.

12. The Indonesians 

These people only know how to use the word  Kontol and Goblok to screw their teammates. And if you are a Malaysian, they will call you anjing. For some reason I don’t know why.

13. The Leader 

Usually a player will start pinging ganks and typing “b” or “push” into team chat. These people are the leaders and generally have a good strategic look on things. Leaders are vital to victory during a game. Either that or they’re power tripping. You be the judge.

14. The Casual Players

tide vs es

In the pre-game chat these people will be like: “Hi, how are you guys?” and usually be ignored. In real life they are a father of three and has just gotten home from his day job to play Dota. What do you do about these guys? Well give them pointers so they don’t get killed too often.

15. The Team Member

We love these guys. They will be the first to get wards, help in ganks, get gems, follow instructions and the like. They’ll get an average score but will fetch and sit and keep your feet warm on lonely nights. You usually can find these guys in 1 out of 10 matches

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