15 Types of College Students in Malaysia

college students malaysia

1. The Sleeper – The one that is always sleeping in class

2. The Loner – The person that is always alone no matter what he/she do. This person normally “don’t exist” to you, however, he/she suddenly pops out during group assignments

something wrong

3. Speaking of group assignments, there is the one that does nothing in group assignments by giving stupid excuses

stupid excuses

We all have been through this before. There is the one guy or girl in a group project who never contributes anything but wants their name to be in the front page of the assignment. In other words, they will always come up with dumb excuses to stay away from doing work

4. The Party People – Everyday is a party day

zouk party people

All they talk about is clubs and booze…. You will probably find some of them in the image above

5. The Pervert – The one that always stares at girls and get caught

michael cera

6. The “Lovey Dovey” Couple – The guy and girl that just got into a relationship

7. The Potheads – This person is normally stoned or high on some drugs and don’t be surprised if they are one of the top students in class

8. The College Slut – Almost everyone knows his/her story. Mostly dirty stories “ahem ahem”

9. The Elitist – This group of people think that they are the smartest people in the world and everyone else are just dumb


10. The Kiasu Guy or Girl – They want everything even though some of the things do not matter

11. The smoker – The one that is always smoking on the staircase or whatsoever when you are taking a short break

12. The invisible – The one that you never see in class

13. The Teacher’s Pet – The one that answers every questions the lecturer asks and hoping in return to get good grades for their assignments

14. The Rich One – This type of student is known for his/her car (some luxury car). They always wear branded clothing and hangs at the most expensive outlets in your college

show off

15. The guy/girl who is late for every class – You all will surely have this one guy who walks in the class half an hour or an hour before the class ends

late for classss

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