15 Times Malaysians don’t give a SHIT

malaysians dont give a shit-compressed
1. The parking lines are pretty clear, right?


2. Some dress up a monkey. Put it on a motorcycle. And take it for a spin.

we bring monkeys

3. At times a small bunch of us go to work as Captain America..

captain america

4. We are also in the earth selling business..Not many knows about it.. Even the earth doesn’t know about it

eart for sale

5. Even the person who built this traffic light don’t give a shit 

dont give a shit

6. There are just too many people here who don’t give a shit

drive out

7. Some of our soldiers too


8. Babi hutan in a library…Seriously..How did it get in the library in the first place? What are the security guards doing? We are guessing they don’t give a shit too


9. College students pun sama jugak! Masturbate like nobodies business


10. Here is a clear picture of us not giving a shit about the rules

a clearer picture

11. Where are the eggs??

wherea re the eggs

12. Some of us try to live on other people’s expense 


13. If you ask the young Malaysians why you don’t give a shit….They say YOLO = “You Only Live Once”


14. That’s right! YOLO

that's right yolo

15. We don’t give a shit….And at the same time, we can’t stand other people’s shit

put up

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