15 Things That’s Unfair For Malaysians Who are Left-Handed


1. These can opener (made for right-handed)


2. The fact that colleges/universities also doesn’t care about us by having these chairs

lecture hall chairs

3. Even the keyboard makers hate us. Number pads are always placed on the right


4. Speaking of keyboards, they even decided to do something similar with the mouse


5. These remote controls are also made for righty!

Scattered Videogames Gamepads of Many Brands

6. Tolls ! (Unless you use SmartTAG)


7. Even McDonald’s have something against us

mcdonalds drive through

 8. Well not only McDonalds Drive thru is on the right hand sides, even their toilet’s hose is on the right hand side. It is tough to take a dump in public places for left handers


9. Using Gel pens (Pilot G2 Gel Pen) is like going to art class. You hands will be looking like this


10. Even normal pens will betray you. Ballpoint pens will jam more for leftys because you’re pushing, not pulling the ball when you write. This explains why you think your pen inks finishes fast. We literally spent more money on PENS then anyone else!!!


11. Even pencils are your enemy


12. Everything f**king time


13. Some left handed people do eat with left hands and they would look weird to the rest. ” Look at that guy using his left hand to eat his food. He wash his ass and eat food with the same hand eeeeeewww.”

Barack Obama

14. Bonking elbows with a righty at the dinner table.


15. Studies have shown lefties die up to nine years sooner than righties. Wow, many things are not fair for us and we die young? Just Wow.


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