15 Things that I have done in high school when I was in Form 5

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1. I ponteng Class

 2. I participated in a school competition 

 3. I ate every food in the school canteen

 4. I cheat during school exams 

 5. I got a driving license and bring friends out to lepak..Driving during high school is one of the best feeling

 6. I confessed to my crush..It’s not easy, but its worth it

 7. I attended the Sports Day event. It’s the last Sports Day in my life and I got to make it memorable 

 8. I made as many friends from my age in the school

 9. Went for a class trip with my classmates…Good timesss

 10. I took cool and awesome graduation photos to show to my kids one day

 11. I celebrated someone’s birthday in the class

 12. I played cards and games in the class

 13. I became friends with one of the school teacher

 14. I wore school uniform of the opposite sex…Just for fun.

 15. Reunite with my primary school friends just for old times sake
And I would do it all over again if I was given a chance to!
Written by: Steven

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