15 Things only Malaysians born in the 80s will remember

80s malaysian-compressed
1. This Vitagen borang


2. And this is how your TV looks like when there is no signal

no signal

3. Diskette & Cassettes 

diskette cassettes

4. And some of the anak orang kaya will play this…

expensive 80s toy-compressed

5. And if we are lucky enough to own some games, we will be playing this Brick Game

brick games

6. Otherwise we will just play with  
  • Plasticine
  • Snake & Ladder
  • Hide and seek
  • Kejar – kejar
  • Polis sentri
  • Galah panjang or
  • Layang – layang
7. Kasut Aliph

kasut aliph

8. Super cap gun

shooting gun

9. This Bata badminton shoes 

badminton shoe

10. Buku 555

buku 555

11. And yessss. Malaysians born in the 80s also love the ice pops

ice pop

12. Fighting fish was also a thing back then

fighting fish

13. Proyo!


14. Susu coklat? Susu Strawberri?

susu segar

15. And lastly…this Buncho water color

buncho water color

But whatever it is….If you pernah gosok gigi ditepi longkang bersama nurse then you are a certified 80s kid (Btw, they still do this nowadays)

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