15 Things every Malaysian who turned 22 will realize

turn 22 malaysia

1. You are no longer 21 

turning 21

2. And you will realize that your student life is OVER

3. Student life is over = Fun is over = Finding a job

4. Speaking about jobs, this is the only time where you struggle so hard to get your CV/resume straight

frustrated meme

5. Your friends will slowly disappear for various reasons

6. Some of the reasons your friends disappear because of the fact that they got married/engaged. And you will be like getting married/engaged at 22???!!! SERIOUSLY!?

im so happy

7. Then all of a sudden you feel that desperate need to get a boyfriend/girlfriend if you’re single

8. Sleeping becomes a hobby

im not sleeping

9. And because of sleeping and all the things mentioned above, you start to like being at home more than going out all the time 

10. This is the time when you actually feel OLD 

be great

11. You will then try your best to live life like how you used to back when you were 21…but it seems impossible because you just don’t have the time

12. And you will realize that you are too old for this shit and move on with life…

getting too old for this

But of course, its not always bad when you turn 22

13. Because this is the age where you find out who your true friends really are 

14. Passion. You will also realize your true passion in life during this age…Most of the time your passion has nothing to do with  your diploma/degree

and i told them

15. And finally you realize that life isn’t perfect. But what you make of it, counts

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