15 Slang Malaysian Chinese Love To Use

malaysian chinese

1. Cincai

Definition: Whatever

Example: You just cincai wear for tomorrow’s event.

cincai lah-compressed

2. Walao

Definition: OMG or WTF

Example: Wa lao-eh, triple kill loh! (in D.O.T.A.)

3. Bojio

Definition: The act of not inviting your friend to go out together.

Example: ‘You went to Starbucks today? Bojio!


4. Sohai

Definition: It means “crazy” and pussy/c**t

Example: Hey sohai! Long time no see!

5. FFK / ‘fong fei kei’

Definition: Those who betrayed or broke a promise / deal made with another party

Example: That girl ffk me, she promised to meet up here but she never show up.

6. Ham Sup

Definition: Horny person

Example: Bro, why you so ham sup?


7. Diu

Definition: F*ck

Example: Diu nya sing, this fella really annoying.

8. Leng Lui

Definition: Beautiful girl

Example: There’s a leng lui across the bar go chat to her.

9. Leng Chai

Definition: Handsome boy

Example: Leng chai, come over here! Don’t you want a good time? No? Fine, be that way. Lanjiao.”

10. Lanjiao

Definition: Penis / Dick /Cock

Example: “You don’t talk lanjiao there ah, I call my gang beat you up ah!”


11. Sienz 

Definition: To describe something bored. Same goes to ‘zzzzz’

Example: Friend: Hi..how are u?
You: Sienz. Nothing fantastic here.

12. Sik Si 

Definition: Eat shit

Example: Sik si la you!

13. Kao Dim

Definition: Settle

Example: Bro, that one also you cannot kao dim ah?

14. Kiam Siap

Definition: Stingy (Widely used in Penang because many Penangites deserve that label)

15. Tokok

Definition: A combination of the words “talk” and “cock”. Talking nonsense.

Example: “Eh, why you everyday tokok ah??”

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