15 Signs you went to an All Boys School in Malaysia

victoria institution

1. We heard every dick/penis joke known to mankind 

dick jokes everywhere

2. When we fart in class, we owned up to it with pride 


3. We burped like nobodies business 


4. We have a Master’s Degree in tying ties

  • Short ties = Badass
  • Long ties = Nerd
  • Average sized ties = Gentlemen

5. There are no ladies in the school except the teachers and the Form Six students, but we know that’s not going to stop us from meeting more ladies 

We roll that way.

6. High school sports or any inter-school competition is not a matter of winning or losing, but a matter of life or death

And up till today, we still have a cold place in our heart for our rival schools.

7. We turn into a bunch of monyets during Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan (PJK)

jadi monyet-compressed

And it was fun!

8. Riding a bike to school makes us look cool

ex5 is the shit

Honda EX5 for life.

9. And driving a car makes us look cooler

Even a Proton Wira is cool.

10. If we brag about being rich and whatsoever, we will be branded as a loser 

That’s because money doesn’t get you shit in an all boys school in Malaysia.

11. Getting caned with the rotan is a normal thing

kena rotan

  • If we are a badass, we get canned all the time
  • If we are Mr Nice Guy, we tend to see people getting canned almost every day

12. When it comes to sports day, there are 4 types of people

  • The people who don’t attend sports day
  • The people who attend sports day to bang balls/lepak
  • The people who attend sports day to actually take part in the event
  • The people who attend sports day and end up jumping out the fence to bang balls/lepak outside of the school (ponteng sekolah)

13. Speaking about ponteng sekolah, there are 3 types of people 

  • The people who ponteng sekolah to go CC (Cybercafe) and dota/counter-strike etc
  • The people who ponteng sekolah to go berdating (Since there are no ladies in the school to date)
  • The people who ponteng sekolah to go jalan-jalan cari hal

14. Gang fights…It’s like a football match in an all boys school in Malaysia

gaduh sekolah

It’s planned very well with spectators and so on. Until the cops/discipline teacher arrives.

15. In short, an all boys school in Malaysia is like a “prison”..This is where we learn to be a man who have our own needs

all boys school

But in a good way of course.

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