15 Funniest things Malaysian fresh graduates have done

fresh graduates malaysia-compressed

1. Drive more expensive car than boss and showing off to colleague

2. After 5 weeks in the job…”I have learnt ask I need in this job. I’m ready to be promoted”..On the spot I promoted his ass out of the company…

3. Interview one guy and he said I cannot work till 7pm cuz ill be sleepy by then.

4. Hired one guy and he talk bad about other clients to ANOTHER client! 

5. Fresh grad come with parents for interview…. like small kids

6. I had a guy who was interviewed and offered job on Friday for RM4,000 salary. He came back on Monday, and returned his ID and offer letter to reception saying he likes field work and not interested to continue..

7. Play Clash Of Clans during work, watch Udang and masturbate in office toilet.

8. Two weeks working asking me next week bonus got?

9. Branch office request HQ to send some white A4 paper for printing. Boss ask fresh grad to send as requested. Then that fresh grad fax the A4 paper to the branch office.

10. 1st warning CEO call him to his room..Termination letter was given to him few weeks after that..straight called his father to come office liao. His father’s quote ‘I treat my son with love’ 

11. Main baling2 bola kertas dengan colleague pompuan until staff senior stand up and shout to stop.

12. Got a call saying want to interview for job. During interview time, turns up is the mom and dad of a girl. They job hunting for their daughter

13. Intern ask me to arrange transport for her to come to work. Otherwise cannot come to work. She told this on the first day of work. She was quite a hot girl, so one of my colleague volunteer to fetch her to and from work everyday and then later couple with her after she finish her internship…

14. Fresh grad came to work first day at Customer Service dept. Spend a few hours crying in the toilet. Quit the next day.

15. Buy Rm100k car, apply 10 credit cards, spend like no tomorrow – then gets bankrupt.

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