15 Facts About SMK (P) Bukit Kuda

1. Majority of the students here are Malays
2. Seniors and juniors are pretty close. Juniors are always making seniors like idols. And some actually fall in love with them.
3. Everyone is pretty decent looking in school but when once they finish school, BAM!!!, transformation. Since our neighbouring school is Sultan Abdul Samad School, the boys there will be disturbing the girls here

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4. Our favourite spot to lepak is the spot in front the school where this Chinese uncle sells bubble tea every Friday. There’s the gelanggang where it sort of connects with the canteen of their school but that one not famous.
5. Our principal changes like every year and all their names begins with the letter H for some reason
6. The ponteng spot for our school students is at Klang Parade. Sometimes, you can see some students will change clothes and climb the fence/wall near the gelanggang. At times you can see some student behind 7-11.


7. Chinese Aunty’s Chicken RICE!!!!! Best food in our school. Seniors do come back after graduating from school just to have a taste of aunty’s chicken rice once again.

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8. Majority of the teachers are women. Stylish ones are Pn.Zu and Pn. Azelyn.
9. SMK (P) Bukit Kuda students usually date Sekolah Tinggi Klang boys
10. There are rumours about a girl died in the toilet before and that’s why it’s not in use and it’s locked but actually the real reason why  they locked it so the girls won’t clog the toilet
11. No students will attend replacement classes on a Saturday. Sometimes attendance would be 5 out of 33.


12. Nobody likes the Prefects in school. They will come to you and be like, ”Miss mana Ribbon?”. Our school, it’s compulsory to wear a blue ribbon on our hair.
13. Well sports days brings out the best in us. Who wouldn’t want to see how girls sprinting right
14. There are not much gangsters in our schools. Mostly girls so yea


15. In conclusion, SMK (P)Bukit Kuda is a good place to experience the secondary school life
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Written by Thila Camillo

Blogger in the making, 18, free spirited, homebody, social butterfly and mad love for pandas.