15 Facts About University of South Australia, Adelaide (City West Campus)

unisa city west original building campus

1. Majority of us are Asians

2. The staffs and lecturers here are nice to work with

3. Most of the people here are very friendly

4. The best hostel to live here would be Urbanest. And that’s because there isn’t any curfew and small which makes it easier to meet new friends

5. However, the rental isn’t kind on us

6. The toilets in UNISA campus on the other hand is well taken care of

7. And there aren’t any complains about the WiFi and the student portal either

8. We wish we could say the same thing about their cafeteria. Very limited choices of food

9. Speaking of food, it’s almost impossible to get food after 10PM and we are talking about decent healthy meals

10. But either way we still have McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks if we are too hungry after 10PM. Otherwise we would just starve or cook at home

hungry jacks man

11. They recently built a new library for us. There is a small kitchen on the inside and even a place where you can take your mind off things by playing Xbox. We feel home here

12. In terms of transportation to the campus, they have done a good job as well. We can use tram and the bus which doesn’t require us to pay unless we are travelling outside of the city

adelaide original tram


13. The entertainment here on the other hand SUCK! Shisha, watching movies, clubbing and gambling is all we can do

14. We have no malls here, so we do our shopping at this street called the “Rundle Mall”

rundle mall adelaide

15. But overall, it’s a good environment to study in and you can really concentrate on your studies here. But when it comes to the cost of living, all we can say is that “You will get use to it”

Written by Hao Jie

Shareholder of FunnyMalaysia.NET