15 Facts about Sunway University, Bandar Sunway


1. Hot ladies with Hot skirts are everywhere

2. Majority of us studying here are Chinese

3. Our staffs and lecturers are pretty friendly

4. We used to have a nice big field, however, they are now building some other facilities (We somehow miss that field)

5. Our parking lots are not something to be proud of and we still pay for it

6. The best entertainment that we have is Sunway Pyramid. We have everything there including gym

sunway pyramid

7. In terms of food, most of us head over to Orange, Rock Cafe and a chicken rice shop (we don’t remember the name but it’s good)

rock cafe

8. Our Facebook Confession Page is pretty damn active and interesting

9. Our toilets are clean. Cleaners take responsibility cleaning them regularly

10. The official smoking spot is outside the campus or the side gate. That’s right — we have a non-smoking rule

11. Our hostel have strict rules. The curfew starts as early as 12AM and the WiFi is not for people with anger management problem

12. Speaking of WiFi, our WiFi in our campus is never consistent

13. The student portal is in good shape and always updated. So no complains there

14. And we are not suppose to use the lifts at night. Apparently, it’s haunted

15. But overall it’s a nice place to study in, if we are not talking about the fees and the cost of living

This post is submitted by a student from Sunway University. Thank you for sharing the post.   For those of you who would like to contribute a piece for their own school or college/university, you can send it in here or facts@funnymalaysia.net

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