15 Facts About Maktab Mahmud Alor Setar


1. The history

Al-Maahad Al-Mahmud or Maktab Mahmud Alor Setar was built on Friday, 29th Rabiul Awal 1355 or 19th June 1936, which carved into a stone on a wall of Block A. It is an old building as it also have paranormal stories to stand for.

2. The syllabus


There are two syllabus, the Malaysian KBSM and the Islamic syllabus referred as the Al-Azhar syllabus. There were about 40 +- subjects in total from form 1 – form 6 and we were wondering how did we managed to have all that on a daily basis.

3. Our Branches

There are 11 branches throughout the districts of Kedah, including Alor Setar, Yan, Langkawi, Pokok Sena, Padang Terap, Pendang, Merbok, Kuala Muda, Sik, Baling, Bandar Baharu and as well as Kulim. Sometimes throughout the year we would have transfers coming from the branches to Alor Setar. Even though we don’t know each other, but if we know if they are from another Maktab Mahmud, INSTANT FRIENDS!

4. The School Building

It has three regions. The boys only buildings, the co-ed building and the girls buildings.

5. Assemblies

Assemblies are the only time where all male and female students are in one place. The female students would walk from a distance to in front of the main hall. Post assembly, the male students will need to go through a tunnel of prefects and teachers. They will inspect every inch of the body, including the Songkok, hair, facial hair, name tags, neckties, belts, altered trousers, socks and shoes. It was always a nerve wrecking moments on Sunday mornings. 

6. The Students

Three types of students here:
  • Students commute from their homes
  • Students staying in dormitories, and 
  • Students rent nearby homes around the school 
Matters just got serious, staying at a rental home at 13 years old! A lot of commitments there!

7. Studies

Three common classes of students in studies:
  • Students that are diligent and bright in academics but less potential in co-curricular activities 
  • Students who excel in co-curricular activities but average in studies
  • Students that score in both aspects, good results and excellent in co-curriculum 

8. Our Achievements


Maktab Mahmud Alor Setar is known for Cadet Police, Long-Boat Squad, and Football. Cadet Police is one of the strongest uniformed unit in the school, and always have the front row if the Sultan visits. Long-Boat Squad, had consecutive victories year after year without losing and once compete in an international event in 2009 for long boat and dragon boat. Football. Well, it is passion and life as the school has a stadium sized field, but very muddy after rains because of its soil.

9. Awards Ceremony

Mahtab Mahmud

We call it Idul Ilmi. Usually we will have the Sultan himself come to award the excellent students in various aspects, otherwise it will be the Sultanah or at least the Raja Muda. The school would rehearse the ceremony at least two weeks before everything started, and the uniformed units will train at least a month before including, Police Cadet, Scouts, PBSM, and recently KRS. Invited annually is the Sultan Abdul Hamid Band to play their numbers when the guest of honor arrived.

Now we move on to the dark-side of the moon…

10. Sleep

We Maahadians are significantly recognized by teachers in the class by sleeping. Some are serious sleepyheads, some are occasional sleepers, and some are reasonable sleepers. In other words, I dare say that every student at the very least slept once during class with or without the teacher. I slept in a room before and was left there for another hour as my friends were in class and only the teacher noticed. (=.=)

11. Fence and Walls


Once, the whole fence around the school was the typical net fence. Currently, the school built a 1.8 meters concrete wall with barbs on top. The reason? The net fence had a lot of “rat holes” for hostel students to fly at night or other students to skip classes. Other than that, they were a convenience as gates were always locked.

12. Daredevils

Yes, we do have daredevils. Students nowadays would jump over the walls despite the height.

13. Fly

As the term implies, fly is something common with boarding schools where some students will go out without permission or during curfew hours at night. Here the students fly to cyber cafes (which is not safe and healthy) or to have supper at nearby restaurants.

14. Hostel wardens

We had different kinds of wardens. The Nicest One, The Special One, The Sporting One, but the one we cannot forget was the The Commando One. Came to woke us up at 6 a.m. by dashing into the rooms and lash out a whip at every student he could see and dash out as fast as he can. He was the fearsome one.

15. Rental homes

A few male students rental homes are “tongkang pecah”. Some have hosts living with them, so some rules to abide. So do you get the gist here?

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