15 Facts About LimKokWing University of Creative Technology

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LimKokWing University. Well known in a number of countries and it is also recognized officially as Malaysia’s University of Transformation and Malaysia’s University of Innovation by our government.

Well, below are the facts about LimKokWing written by their very own student who has been studying there for about 4 years. 

1. Students are very friendly here

2. You can never ever find a satisfying meal below the price of RM4

3. There are no restrictions on our attire. In conclusion, lots of sexy ladies

sexy ladies

4. Our parking used to be free until the MPS council placed a money eating machine

5. Everyone is welcome to smoke in the campus area despite the NO SMOKING signboard

6. LimKokWing’s Plaza roof is more like a waterfall. It leaks badly when it rains

limkokwing plazaa

7. You want to rise and shine from LimKokWing University? You need them cash

8. Despite everything mentioned above, we have a pretty decent recreational activities spot. Such as Go-kart, golf course, extreme water sport and much more

9. Fun thing about this university. Its a party college. You will be exposed to all kind off parties, from pool party to swingers party. It depends on types of friends you will. Level of Peer pressure is high in this university. If you come to this university in intention of scoring well, be disciplined.

party people

10. I’m not sure about this BUT I think the management is really playing around with the international student’s VISA. LimKokWing Uni Management, if you are reading this, get your shits together

12. Our uni is really really good in promoting. We mainly convince potential students by students testimonies

13. We will have performance going on in the plaza usually in the afternoon, however, it’s pretty noisy

14. Our Radio Station is bullshit

radio station

15. Lastly, our 10-Ten convenience store. It’s expensive and they have a bunch of idiots working therebad service

Written by Mahesh Alan

More to come