15 Facts About Life At UTAR, Kampar Campus


1. Most of the students are Chinese with Indians constituting about 10% of the student volume but you can definitely find more foreigner students than Malay students

2. We have a fabulous way of commuting to university and/or to shops – cycling. Beware of rain because it most likely WILL flood

utar bicycle

3. Food has never been & will never be a problem for us

4. The most anticipated day – Wednesday night market! FOOD! (90% of the time rains on this day)

5. Our student accommodation is not linked to the university. It’s a private accommodation service, Danish House, that caters mainly to UTAR and KTAR students. Therefore, you can smoke and drink so long as no one complains 😛

6. Below are some highlights on Danish House:

danish house

7. A sculpture of Einstein vs. Confucius in a game, outside our Heritage Hall. Don’t ask us why

utar sculpture

8. Our new Grand Hall – Dewan Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik (Nightview). Quite a number of proposals have been done here 😉

9. LEPAK redefined!

  • L – Leisure: LOTUS FIVE STAR! No more going to Ipoh for movies!
  • E – Entertainment: Paintball ground outside; Indoor futsal & badminton courts (blue building)
  • P – Purchasing: TESCO for all our needs. Because we only have that 🙁
  • A – Adventure – (Batu Berangkai Waterfall and White Water Rafting  – Sungai Kampar)
  • K – Kalm (Calm) – Lepak at the lakeside either inside or outside the student accommodation. You can also have BBQ parties by the lakeside inside the student accommodation but the guards will chase you off if you make too much noise or if you have/consume alcoholic beverages. Outside lakeside is open to any kind of booze brah

10. No smoking inside campus area (strictly) but it’s usually done beneath certain lecture halls or inside the toilets

11. It is almost impossible to get into the bus you’ve been queuing up for. Always remember the PUSH-YOUR-WAY-IN technique after class

12. We always miss the bus to class by a few seconds. ALWAYS! Get there 10 minutes earlier! The bus wouldn’t stop for you in front of your house, NO!

13. Walking from Block B (Learning Complex I) tutorial class to FSC, FEGT or Block I (Lecture Complex I) lecture class is indeed tiring. It’s worse if your classes are back to back

utar campus

14. No matter how many parking areas you may come across, you almost always won’t be able to find parking and still have to walk quite a distance

15. One of the pioneers of its time, UTAR Confessions was one of the most active confession pages with a high number of 18-only rated stories

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Written by Sasi Rekha Ravi

More to come in FunnyMalaysia.NET