15 Facts About Inti International University, Nilai

inti nilai-compressed

1. Majority of us are Chinese

2. When it comes to food, we have it all. You name it and we have it!

3. The internet connection here is pretty damn bad at times

4. But our facilities are good. And we are talking mainly about the sports facilities

inti nilai swimming pool

5. However, we wish that all those facilities are replaced to night clubs or any other entertainment center. It’s LITERALLY BORING OVER HERE!!

6. We do have an active “Facebook Confession Page” but it isn’t really interesting

7. Our student portal is in good shape. So, no complains there

8. For supper we usually get some burgers but recently there is a new nasi lemak stall that’s getting our attention

9. And there’s tofu street. A place where all the couples go and do their business

10. We don’t really know where the ladies love hanging out but we guys have our snooker center and cybercafes. Good enough!

11. However, if we want to watch a newly released movie, the nearest cinema is either Seremban or Alamanda. Saddening in a way. We think that explains why couples head over to tofu street instead

12. There is no smoking in the campus. So we smoke in our toilets, the staircase or at times outside the campus

13. The washrooms/toilets here are not that bad as they are cleaned regularly by the workers

14. We have about 19 blocks of hostels which consist of Block A – Block S. So, if you are like one of us living in either Block S or R, then we totally understand what you are going through

inti nilai campus hostel

15. But overall, this is a good place to study in terms of the environment and as well as the cost of living

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